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Accelerometer ADXL335 Fast Test and Angle Test

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Hardware 3-Axis Accelerometer ADXL335 CIKU USB Mini B Cable (2.0) LCD Keypad Shield Jumper Wire Software Please refer to “Getting Started with CIKU” tutorial. Suggested Reading Measuring Tilt Angle with Gyro and Accelerometer Introduction Accelerometers measure acceleration (measure in g), often caused by motion. ADXL335 will output an analog (voltage) reading correspond to the acceleration acting […]

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CIKU + Mifare Reader/Writer CR038


HARDWARE CIKU USB Mini Cable (2.0) LCD keypad Shield Mifare Reader/Writer CR038 Mifare Card SOFTWARE Please refer to “Getting Started with CIKU” tutorial. SUGGESTED READING Interface MiFare Reader/Writer with Arduino Demonstration on GUI Software of the MiFare Reader/Writer CR038 HARDWARE SETUP CR038 Pin 1 is connect to 5V and CR038 pin 4 is connect to GND CR038 […]

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CIKU + 2Amp Motor Driver Shield


Hi, this tutorial will show you how to build line following robot by using CIKU and 2Amp Motor Driver Shield. HARDWARE 1. CIKU (link). 2. 2Amp Motor Driver Shield (link). 3. Aluminium Robot Chassis Complete Set (link). 4. Auto-Calibrating Line Sensor (link). 5. 2 units of 3.7V 1100mAh Li-Ion Battery (link). 6. 2×18650 Battery Holder […]

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Getting Started with IOIO (Part 2)


First thing when we get the IOIO board, for sure we want to test it with our Android phone, at least we know that the IOIO board is working, and it should be easy step, MUST be :-). So, this tutorial will explain the steps to test your IOIO OTG board with your Android smartphone. […]

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Using Cytron XBee Shield

Introduction Cytron XBee Shield (SHIELD-XBEE) is an Arduino compatible shield which is compatible with Arduino UNO, Arduino Duemilanove, Arduino Mega, Arduino Leonardo and possibly other pin compatible main boards. XBee Shield is compatible with XBee Modules and other XBee Compatible footprint module such as BlueBee, XBee WIFI etc. So, why do we design a new […]

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CIKU + LCD Keypad Shield

ciku 8

HARDWARE 1. CIKU board (link). 2. USB MiniB Cable (2.0) (link). 3. LCD Keypad Shield (link). SOFTWARE Please refer to “Getting Started with CIKU” tutorial. CIKU LCD LIBRARY FUNCTION Below is a list for basic LCD function that you can used with CIKU. You also can refer to the LiquidCrystal.h (under CIKU.X folder) for more […]

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AmpMeter using SK28A and 7-Segment Display


We wanted to demo the current going through a huge motor going through a super high ampere motor driver, 160 ampere to be exact. My task is to design and develop an ampere meter, showing the current! Software MPLABX IDE XC8 Compiler Hardware SK28A PIC18F2550 LCD (8×2) BB-ACS756 CD4511 (BCD to 7-segment Decoder) x 3unit 7 […]

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Current Measuring using SN-ACS712 and SK28A


Introduction SN-ACS712 is a breakout board for the fully integrated Hall Effect based linear current sensor, ACS712. There are several types of current sensors and many different ways to measure current of a circuit, but we prefer using Hall effect sensor because it will not affect the load voltage as shunt resistor did.  We did a tutorial […]

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DIY FM Radio


Introduction If you happen to be at Singapore Maker Faire and check out our booth or our Cytron FaceBook Page pictures, you might notice that there is a Big Tradition Speaker with Arduino and a Long~~ antenna on top. That’s actually is a DIY FM radio with speaker. It come with a remote control that set with some function […]

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Getting Started with CIKU


*This document explains how to connect your CIKU board to the computer and upload your first program. 1. Get a CIKU board and USB cable You will need a CIKU board (link) and USB MiniB Cable (2.0) (link) to start. 2. Download the MPLAB X IDE and XC8 compiler. Download the MPLAB X IDE latest […]

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