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TM, we love you, but you’re killing us!

Don’t get me wrong, we love TM, many of us sign-up for Streamyx and UniFi. I use it every day, just something to share it out :) Before we move Cytron’s Head Quarter to Penang, we started to setup the necessary facilities for business to run smoothly. Especially the fundamental utility which includes water and […]

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Non-looped Maze Solving Robot with MC40A


Hi, today I would like to write a tutorial on Non-looped Maze Solving Robot with MC40A. If you still remember the Remote Mobile Robot with XBee-WiFi tutorial, I use the same hardware for this tutorial, except I remove the Xbee WiFi + Xbee Starter Kit, and add LS05A. THEORY Maze Solving steps: 1st run – […]

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Xbee WiFi in Soft AP Mode

Xbee WiFi Connection

There have a request from the customer on how to make the Xbee WiFi in AP mode. It means you can connect to Xbee WiFi directly without using a router. The previous version of Xbee WiFi (S6) is not support this feature (correct me if I’m wrong), then Digi International upgrade the module to version […]

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BBFuino Simon Says

Simon Says

Ever heard “Simon Says” game? For those who not familiar with Simon, this was an early electronics game from the 70′s, where the user basically had to repeat back a sequence to the console to progress to the next level. This is example of electronic Simon Says DIY kit. Now we want to play it using […]

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Getting Started with IOIO (Part 1)

*Note: This tutorial will cover on IOIO V1. INTRODUCTION The IOIO (pronounced “yo-yo”) is a board that provides a host machine the capability of interfacing with external hardware over a variety of commonly used protocols. The original IOIO board has been specifically designed to work with Android devices. The IOIO board can be connected to […]

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RainbowBit – Smart RGB LED

It has been an exciting year back in 2013. Besides launching rero in indiegogo.com, we have been busy with the development for Robot Head To Toe, not to forget the improvement and on-going development needed for rero. One of our new products is smart LED. Have you ever wanted to add LED to your project […]

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Arduino Due with Cytron MP3 Shield

This tutorial covers the interfacing of the Cytron MP3 Shield with the Arduino Due. The Arduino Due has a very huge program space and RAM, so it will give you a lot of opportunities to expand on your creations with the MP3 shield.

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rero campaign in indiegogo

rero! rero! What is that? Rero is being launched at indiegogo, a website for world to raise fund from the world J, and we are raising fund to create more interesting parts and production. Do check it out at here and please help to support (even a t-shirt or donation for school). And most importantly, […]

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SN-HC-SR04 + PIC16F887


Introduction We had receive suggestion from user on how to integrate the SN-HC-SR04 sensor with PIC. In this section, we are using the SK40C with PIC16F887 to read the pulse width with proportion to distance and lastly display on LCD. BTW, if you have further inquiry about this tutorial, please post it in our technical […]

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Demonstration on GUI Software of the MiFare Reader/Writer CR038


MiFare is a contactess smart cards system and is being trademark by NXP Semiconductors. Currently, Cytron Technologies is carrying the MiFare ISO14443A Classic 1K or 4K card reader/writer – CR038A.

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