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DIY FM Radio


Introduction If you happen to be at Singapore Maker Faire and check out our booth or our Cytron FaceBook Page pictures, you might notice that there is a Big Tradition Speaker with Arduino and a Long~~ antenna on top. That’s actually is a DIY FM radio with speaker. It come with a remote control that set with some function […]

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Getting Started with CIKU

ciku 2

*This document explains how to connect your CIKU board to the computer and upload your first program. 1. Get a CIKU board and USB cable You will need a CIKU board (link) and USB MiniB Cable (2.0) (link) to start. 2. Download the MPLAB X IDE and XC8 compiler. Download the MPLAB X IDE latest […]

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Using BlueBee in Master mode


Ever think of using both BlueBee (just BlueBee) to create connection? Let say between two Arduino, talking to each other wirelessly? Can it be done?  Sure it can, but why some Bluetooth module cannot do that? Why previously there is not steps to do it? Well, we found out that the Bluetooth module on Cytron’s […]

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Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2014


As electronics amateur and Robot.Head to Toe company, we decided to attend Singapore Maker Faire. Yes, we are bringing rero to share the fun of building robot too. Well, preparation is necessary for this maker faire. We are bringing rero and Robot. Head to Toe product, we asked for two booths and the organizer is […]

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Cytron as Nuvoton Training Partner


Last year we have been approached by Nuvoton, a semiconductor company, headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan. After a few face to face discussion and email communication, we decided to be the training and academic partner for Nuvoton in Malaysia. The 1st meet up was last year when we attended Nuvoton’s ARM workshop at USM (Island), Penang. […]

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G15 Arduino DIY Control Panel


Introduction  Just buy G15 cube servo but do not know how to use it? Or you bought a cube servo a few weeks ago and just open it, programmed it and the cube servo does not response? Connect it to a new circuit board that you had soldered and cube servo does not response? Do […]

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Rain Sensor Module (SN-RAIN-MOD)

Introduction The rain sensor module (Product code: SN-RAIN-MOD) is used to detect the amount of water present on the sensor and with a controller, it can further control output. The rain sensor module consist of two parts, that is the sensor probes and the module board. If you are interested with the specification of the sensor, you can […]

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Moisture sensor module (SN-MOISTURE-MOD)

Introduction The Moisture sensor module (Product code: SN-MOISTURE-MOD) can be used to measure the moisture of the soil in order to control actuator, example a valve that control watering system. The moisture sensor module consist of two parts, that is the sensor probe and the module board. If you are interested with the specification of the sensor module, you […]

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Introduced, CIKU!

CIKU Prototype Board

We believe many PIC microcontroller lover like to utilize Arduino shield, so here comes the CIKU. CIKU is a microcontroller board based on the PIC18F4550. It has 20 digital input/output pins (of which 2 can be used as PWM outputs and 6 as analog inputs), a 20 MHz crystal oscillator (clock speed up to 48 MHz after PLL), a mini USB connection, a power jack, a standard Arduino IO header, a PICkit header, a bootloader switch and a reset button. Besides focus on hardware solution [...]

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Recovering Your XBee

If you are familiar with XBee, you might have experience of the module does not response to your X-CTU or Terminal program or microcontroller. Yup, for unknown reason, XBee module might be DEAD :) But you can revive it by doing recovery. We have been successfully in saving: XBee series 1 (802.15.4) XBee Pro series 1 (802.15.4) […]

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